Convention Highlights

Below you will find highlights from each night of the Democratic and Republican National Conventions.

Republican Convention

Final Evening (Night 3/4)

John McCain Acceptance Speech



Cindy McCain Speech



Tom Ridge Speech



Lindsey Graham



Tim Pawlenty

Night 2

Sarah Palin Speech




Rudy Giuliani Speech




Mike Huckabee Speech



Mitt Romney Speech

Night 1.2

Joe Lieberman Speech

Fred Thompson Speech

President George Bush Addresses the Convention from the White House

Democratic Convention

Night Four (Final Night)

Barack Obama Nominating Speech

Al Gore Speech

Tim Kaine Speech

Bill Richardson Speech

Night Three

Obama Surprises the Convention

Joe Biden Speech

Beau Biden Introducing His Father (touching)

John Kerry Speech

Bill Clinton Speech

Night Two

Hillary Clinton Speech

Brian Schweitzer Speech

Deval Patrick Speech

Mark Warner Speech

Night One

Michelle Obama Speech

***Ted Kennedy Speech

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